La Gouvernance Publique Responsable (GPR) : une alternative authentique et universelle pour des services publics et des institutions éthiques, humains et plus efficaces.
Dr. Stéphane Monney Mouandjo DG. CAFRAD Yaoundé Mai 2017

CAFRAD (African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development) publishes books devoted to studying issues of Public Administration, Governance, Leadership, ICT… and others topics in Africa.

CAFRAD journal « African Administrative Studies » is an academic document devoted to issues of Public Administration in Africa. Published half yearly, the journal deals critically with the most recent administrative matters.

Bilingual (French & English), the CAFRAD journal presents in each issue a range of articles and brings together authors of international renown in over 100 pages since 1967, date of publication of its first issue.

CAFRAD journal browses, with rigorous and varied analysis, topics of major importance.

Besides its journal « African Administrative Studies », CAFRAD publishes other books and documents, in particular the Series “Studies & Documents”, which brings together communications and issues discussed at various seminars organized by our Centre.

CAFRAD journal is available through order or subscription. You can receive 2 issues per year for only U.S. $ 40 + Airmail postage.

New: Perspectives on the Legislature in the Government of Nigeria

Cahiers Africains d’AdministrationPublique/ African Administrative Studies

Sommaire / Contents of :

  1. The Biannual Journal  “African Administrative Studies Subsciption rates  (Two issues per year)  (0 to 68) ( Price : US$ 40  + Air mail postage )   = Africa  : US$ 10    - Europe  :  US$   8 -- America/Canada  :  US$ 10 
  2. Series “Studies and Documents” :
Reflection and exchange on Structural Adjustment Programmes in Africa(French)(Tangier - Morocco, 14-18 May 1990). Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage)
Implications and Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes in Africa (English)(Tangier - Morocco, 10-14 December 1990). (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Decentralized Administration in Africa (English)
(Tangier - Morocco, 22-26 April 1991). (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Fifth Conference of Directors of African ENA/IPA/IDM
(English/French).(Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Administrative Reform and Structural Adjustment
(French) (Bujumbura- Burundi, 27-30 May 1991). (Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Training for Local Project Management (French) (Bamako - Mali and Yaounde -
Cameroon, 25-29 May 1991). (Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
The Place and Role of Women in African Administrations
(English/French) (1993).(Price: US $ 40 + Air Mail Postage).
The Place and Role of Women in African Administrations
(French) (1995). (Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
The Place and Role of Women in African Administration (English/French) (1997).(Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
The Management  of Hajj Operations, Vol. I (English/French) (1999).(Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Making Governments in Africa Transparent (English/French). (2000).(Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Ethics in Public Administration  in Africa (Arabic) (2000).(Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Special N°  
Seminar on Restructuration and Civil Service Modernisation. (French). (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
Pan African Conference: Towards an Administration and Governance Based on Performance and Results. (French/English), Cotonou (Benin), 24-27 September 2007 (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
La crise économique et des effets sur les pays de l’Afrique

Administrative Reform in Africa : Issues, Challenges and way forward


Problems of Emergence in Africa

  1. “ Directory of African Training and Research Institutions in Public  Administration and Management” -   (Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
  2. “ Directory of African Consultants ”  -   (Price: US $ 20 + Air Mail Postage).
  3. Country Reports on Public Administration in Africa , Volume I  (2006) (Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe ) - (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage)
  4. Rapports sur l’Administration Publique en Afrique, Volume II (2006)   

    (Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Maroc, Niger, République Centrafricaine, République Démocratique du Congo, Rwanda, Tchad, Tunisie) – (Price: US$ 20 + Air Mail Postage).


Nos domaines d'interventions
Innovation, modernisation et ré-invention du secteur public et de la gouvernance
Amélioration de la performance et de la productivité dans le secteur public et les organismes étatiques
Négociation, résolution des conflits et reconstruction post conflits des services publics
Promotion de la bonne gouvernance, de l’éthique et du professionnalisme dans le secteur public
Utilisation des technologies de l’information et la communication (TICs) dans le secteur public (e-gouvernance/e-administration)