Responsible public Governance : an authentic and universal alternative for more efficient human and ethical public services
Dr. Stéphane Monney Mouandjo GD. CAFRAD Yaoundé May 2017


As part of the modernization and strengthening of training it offers to executives from public and private sectors in Africa and the world, CAFRAD, in partnership with the office BJ International consulting, has set up a series of high level training courses, under the banner of what is called the Session of the Pan-African Academy for Interregional Cooperation (APACI).

These high-level courses will lead to the award of a certificate called "Certificate of Aptitude in Administration of African and International Affairs" (C4AI) through carefully selected curricula designed to meet the current needs of today's and future African decision-makers or to decision-makers from other areas who may wish to work in Africa or with African countries.

The academy intends to be a place of meetings and knowledge, where Africans and non-Africans, driven by the same ideals, share a different perspective on the world, on governance and its transformations.

It is also intended to be a space where the principles of Responsible Public Governance (GPR) operate in a complex world, where the singularities do not exhaust the realities of an increasingly interdependent environment.

Finally, it is a place where a truly African and resolutely universal thought is assumed, created and recreated. It is a space where another relation with the public is built with happiness, with the logics which so much structures the public action on the regional and universal level.

Specific objectives

  1. Strengthening the capacities of the various decision-making bodies in public administrations as well as in the diplomatic sector in Africa;
  2. Ensuring the effective mobility of knowledge and skills across the continent underpinned by African principles and values;
  3. Building and developing an elitist knowledge capable of rigorously handling the various issues related to the development of African states with regard to current international issues;
  4. Ensuring high-level careers in national civil service as well as in diplomacy and in large corporations operating in and with the countries of the continent.

This is why the training programs it offers aim to provide its targets with the tools necessary for a better knowledge of the African and international environment, for more effective results. To that end, a special emphasis will be placed on: the authenticity of the approach, the multi-disciplinarity, the diversity of the profiles of learners and trainers, all in a friendly setting.


The methodological approach is simple interactive with descents on the ground to touch the finger of the reality of international life and international practices with a suitable evaluation system. The teaching team consists of practitioners and academics in the various known areas of law and international relations in Africa and beyond. They will provide high-level theoretical and practical training, thanks to the placement of learners and the presence of recognized personalities in the context of conferences or testimonials.


  • Formula with accommodation (single room in BB + seminar package + training fees):
    • Payment in €: 1.500 € online by Visa or Mastercard
    • Payment in MAD: 16.000 MAD by transfer to the bank account below
  • Formula without accommodation (seminar package + training fees):
    Payment in MAD: 12.000 MAD by transfer to the bank account below

Bank account details for transfer :
Recipient: BJ international consulting
Bank : BMCI
IBAN : 013 810 01124 000 208 001 04 94
Please indicate in the form on the deposit slip: C4AI, 4-14.02.2019 Tangier
Please send a copy of the deposit slip to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note :

On-site cash payments can only be made in MAD on presentation of a recommendation from the home organization.

Payments by check are not accepted


  • Inscription : 1.02.2019
  • Payment :
    • 1.02.2019 for payments by credit card and bank transfert
    • 04.01.2019 for cash payments on the spot in MAD on prior presentation of a letter of recommendation from the superior to be deposited on the platform and present on site. Cash payments in foreign currency can not be accepted, thank you for your understanding»

List of provided courses

  • Overview on the idea and theories of the state;
  • Law of Diplomatic and Consular Relations;
  • The major problems and contemporary international issues;
  • Practice and diplomatic uses;
  • Business Policy and Strategy in Africa;
  • Intercultural management;
  • International and regional institutions;
  • African integration and OHADA law;
  • Issues of regional peace and global security;
  • Globalization, good governance and responsible democracy in Africa;
  • Economic intelligence;
  • Constitutional system of African countries;
  • African policies of Western countries;
  • African policies of emerging countries;
  • Afro-Caribbean cooperation


From 04. to 14. February 2019
10 days.

Place of training

El Oumnia Puerto Hotel
10, Av. Beethoven
90 000 Tangier
Phone : + 212 539 94 03 67
Fax : +212 539 94 23 02
Tangier (Morocco)
Web site :

Concerned public

  • Personnel of diplomatic representations;
  • Public service agents interested in international issues;
  • Agents of international relations services within companies;
  • Any other interested persons ;

Cost of training

1,500 euros (accommodation insured)

Registration fees can be paid online via the CAFRAD website ( or BJ international consulting (

Participants from the Administrations have the possibility to pay these costs on the spot in cash upon presentation of a recommendation from their home administration.


Tangier (Morocco)
Phone : +212 539 322 707
Mobile : +212 661 30 72 69
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