Responsible public Governance : an authentic and universal alternative for more efficient human and ethical public services
Dr. Stéphane Monney Mouandjo GD. CAFRAD Yaoundé May 2017

The Governing Board

Is the supreme authority empowered to ensure control, general supervision and orientation of the Centre. It consists of Ministers of Civil Service of Member States. The Governing Board holds an ordinary meeting once per year, and may hold an extraordinary meeting when required. African non-member states, non-African states and partner organizations attend as observers meetings of the Governing Board.

The Executive Committee

It is composed of the Chairman of the Governing Board and seven members from the five sub-regions of the African continent, the representative of Morocco (host country) and the Director-General. Its role is to examine and make recommendations on the documents to be submitted to the Governing Board.

Scientific Council

Under the chairmanship of the Director-General, the Scientific Council examines the work programme of the Centre before its submission to the Governing Board. Members of the Scientific Council (3 to 6 members) are experts in public administration and governance, appointed by the Governing Board upon the proposition of the Director-General.

The Director-General

The Director-General is the executive authority of the Centre, responsible for the execution of the decisions and directives of the Governing Board. The Director-General is elected by the Governing Board for a term of office of four years, renewed once only.